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Press Releases 

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North Lincolnshire Green Party responds to Hinkley C announcement (September 2016)

North Lincolnshire Green Party Issues Call To Oppose Academisation (10th April 2016)

NLGP Call On The Government To Improve Epilepsy Action Plan For Young Children (26th March 2016)

North Lincs Green Party Welcomes Paris Agreement (15th December 2015)

NLGP Shocked At Lack Of Vision Of Local Tories (24th November 2015)

NLGP Strongly Opposes Gas Power Plant In Crosby (5th October 2015)

NLGP Strongly Objects To Another Betting Shop Opening In Ashby (5th October 2015)

NLGP Urge Caution Over Corbyn Appointment (12th September 2015)

NLGP Object To Planning Permission Being Granted To Scunthorpe Petting Zoo (8th August 2015)

Supporting The Proposal For A Solar Farm At Manton  (31st July 2015)

Hopes Barton Could Get Improved Rail Service (20th July 2015)

Green Party To Oppose Scunthorpe Petting Zoo (13th July 2015)

Plea To Clean Up Rubbish & Mess On Derelict Town Centre Site (13th July 2015)

Climate Change & Energy Implications by Martin Dwyer (24th June 2015) 

Ashby Council Candidate To Take On Cat Crisis (23rd March 2015)

Neighbourhood Planning 

Green Party Deputy Leader Visits North Lincolnshire (30th January 2015)

Barton - 20 Is Plenty Campaign

Fundraising For Medical Aid To Palestinians (September 2014)  



Letter in the Scunthorpe Telegraph - Action needed on climate change (11th October 2018)

Viewpoint Letter (Laura) - Fracking and Climate Change Week (16th October 2016)

Viewpoint Letter (Neil, Carol & Paul) - Top Field Development Plans (16th October 2016)

Letter to North Lincs Council Opposing Additional Housing - Lincolnshire Lakes (5th July 2016)

Viewpoint Letter - Forcing Schools To Become Academies (4th April 2016)

Viewpoint Letter - Hollow Tory Claims On Climate Change (3rd December 2015)

Letter To North Lincs Council Opposing New Betting Shop In Ashby (5th October 2015)

Letter To North Lincs Council Opposing Planning Permission For Power Plant In Crosby (5th October 2015)

Supporting Renewables & Banning Fracking (16th August 2015)

Letter From NLGP To North Lincs Council: Objecting To Scunthorpe Petting Zoo (1st August 2015)

Letter To NLC: Supporting Solar Farm In Manton (31st July 2015)

Warning The Tories About Triumphalism After The Elections In May 2015 (18th July 2015)

Bottesford Residents Told: Well Done For Voting In What You Believe (3rd June 2015)


North Lincolnshire Council
Broughton and Appleby ward
Ashby ward

Thursday 6 May 2021

We are standing candidates for three seats in two wards on North Lincolnshire Council.

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