North Lincolnshire Green Party's Values

Our Values Define Us


We stand for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that. 

Only the Green Party has a viable, costed alternative to the austerity agenda advocated by the other major parties.

We think ‘Fair is Worth Fighting For' on many issues including:

Protecting Our Council Services From Cuts

  • Only the Green Party will stand against all cuts to local authority services.
  • We will seek to increase council income by investing in renewables for council buildings, get better value for money from partnerships with the private sector by re-tendering contracts or bringing services back in house.
  • Reinvest money wasted on planning appeals against party-politically motivated wind turbine refusals (estimated £400,000).

Supporting A Vibrant Local Economy

  • Support and promote ‘Buy Local’ campaigns.
  • Explore and promote creative ways to re-energise our high streets including promoting living over the shop schemes.
  • Help foster relations between local businesses.

Supporting Our Schools

  • Provide a quality education that meets the needs of our young people.
  • Protect our schools from the huge academy chains whose motive is profit not education.
  • Provide  post-16 education  that meets the needs of each individual based on their long term aspirations.

Protecting Adult Social Care

  • Joined up approach to adult social care across the council and other services.
  • Maintain budgets for activities which help keep people active and in their own homes to reduce the need for more costly support. 
  • Support people with disabilities and their carers.
  • Resist private tenders to take over social care services.

Protecting The Environment

  • Make North Lincolnshire a Frack Free council.
  • Reduce the council’s carbon footprint through investing in renewables and effective insulation  for council buildings.
  • Support the emerging renewable energy industries along the South Humber Bank.
  • Develop brownfield sites before greenfield land and restrict development on flood plains.

Improving Housing

  • Support measures to increase the amount of affordable social housing.
  • End the scandal of private houses being left empty, using the powers of the 2004 Act to take over these properties for the common good. (There were 753 such properties across North Lincolnshire in 2013).
  • Help to reduce energy bills by promoting renewables and effective insulation in all housing.

Making Transport Better

  • Improve public transport links to improve access for people to essential services and reduce pollution from cars.
  • Increase the number of safe zones and traffic calming measures to make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and to encourage more children to walk to school.
  • Support measures to maintain and  improve rail services across the area.
  • Improve provision and maintenance of footpaths/pavements throughout the area.


Passionate About Everything We Do


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