North Lincolnshire Green Party have 5 Town/Parish Councillors sitting on Councils around North Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Town/Parish Councillors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in becomming a Town/Parish Councillor and can guide you through the whole process. You can find out how to contact us by visiting the 'Contact' page.


Barton Town Council

Neil JacquesNeil Jacques

Neil has recently retired from over 30 years public service in local government in Museums and the Arts. He was coopted back on to Barton Town Council in July 2014. He was a Green Party councillor on Glanford Borough and Barton Town Council in the 1990s and has been a Governor at two local schools for 20 years. A keen gardener and allotment holder, he’s passionate about protecting the natural environment for future generations. He strongly believes we must balance environmental protection with social justice and economic fairness, to ensure a future for the common good - for the majority, not just the few served by all the other political parties.


Neil JacquesCarol Thornton

I sit on Barton Town Council, and I was elected as a Green Party representative. I am now retired but worked in Community Development, and I agreed to stand because so many people asked me about problems I thought I should be in a position where I might be better able to help them out. Also, I wanted to put the Green point of view when matters such as planning were being debated. Greens don’t like waste and are in favour of conservation and helping those who need it

 Bottesford Town Council

Neil JacquesLaura Atkin

I am 25, a qualified Dental Nurse, undergraduate student and a Governor at a local school. I was elected to Bottesford Town Council in May 2015, where I also sit on the Development & Planning Committee and Chair the Website Committee. I decided to put myself forward for election to Bottesford Town Council in order to make a difference and show that young people are interested in Politics and do care about the world we live in. I have had many successes during the past 18 months on Bottesford Town Council, from being part of initiating a full refurbishment of Greenacre Park (I was contacted by a Bottesford resident within a few weeks of being elected regarding the condition and safety of Greenacre Park, I submitted the letter I had received to the Full Council, which then went to the Parks Committee, where the committee decided on a full refurbishment) to being nominated by the outgoing Mayor for the position of Deputy Mayor at the AGM in May 2016. Unfortunately, I was unsuccesful but I received a fantastic number of votes to say I've only been on the Town Council for 18 months. I am passionate about being available at all times for the residents of Bottesford and I am not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I will always put people before politics but I hope that I can make a difference in Bottesford by standing by my Green values.


Rick TaylorRick Taylor - Bottesford Town Councillior

I'm 30 and I sit on Bottesford Town Council. I was co-opted on to the council in July 2015 and sit on the Development and Planning Committee and the Website Committee. I wanted to be a councillor because I wanted to stop the old assumption that Town Councils are just for retirees to discuss trivial matters such as the number of garden gnomes in someone's garden and show that decisions made at this level really do affect everyone in the community. It gives us the opportunity to put our points of view across on a whole host of matters such as planning applications, funding and holding the Bottesford NLC Ward Councillors to account! Having two Green councillors on Bottesford Town Council really fighting hard for the common good should be something that all Bottesford residents can be thankful for.



Winterton Town Council

 Green WorldPaul Coath

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