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North Lincolnshire Council Candidates- 2 May 2019


Jo BakerKingsway and Lincoln Gardens -  Jo Baker

I have been a supporter of the Green Party for a number of years because it so closely reflects many of my own values.  I became actively involved 4 years ago when voting in my local election as I was bitterly disappointed not to find a Green Party nominee on the ballot form.  Little did I know then that it would lead me to standing as my local candidate the following year!  I am most passionate about protecting the environment, including its wildlife and animal rights in general.  I am an Occupational Therapist working in Scunthorpe and am studying a part time degree in canine behaviour and training.  



Carol Thornton Barton -upon - Humber -Carol Thornton

I am currently a town councillor. I served as both Parish Clerk and Parish Councillor in Goxhill, have worked in community development for the last 22 years, and volunteer on the committees of several charitable groups including Queen Street School Preservation Trust (Wilderspin School) in Barton. I support the community in Barton through my job and my interests, and would like to carry on this work through the council because a strong community improves the life of everyone. I will support local people to achieve what they know is needed in their town and will work towards making the council’s work more transparent and accountable to its electors.


Neil Jacques Barton -upon - Humber - Neil Jacques

I have gone from being concerned, to worried and now frightened about what the future holds for our children, if we don’t act now on climate change. We have been given the clearest warnings possible from science, see the impact of climate change on weather extremes and still the other parties refuse to take the issue seriously. Many of us take action as our individual contributions to combating climate breakdown, and the combined impact of those individual efforts is massive. But it is not enough. Every level of government must start to take catastrophic climate change seriously and deliver policies which are good for people and kind to the planet. Help me make a start by Greening North Lincolnshire on 2 May.

Alan Robinson Barton -upon - Humber - Alan Robinson

We have a climate crisis, and nobody in power seems to want to do more than pay lip service to it. We have to keep it on the agenda. At the same time, we need to address the growing poverty and inequality in our country. We can take steps ourselves, but local authorities can do so much more. Help us to persuade North Lincolnshire Council of this by voting Green on 2nd May. Help to build a strong community and not just be passive recipients of services. If we don’t do it, who will?


John Bateman Brigg and Wolds- John Bateman

The climate is changing and we must change too. Voting Green at every opportunity is helping the Earth to recover from the effects of years of neglect. Policy must enhance the environment and improve the quality of life for humans and animals alike. Failing to act now can leave generations coping with an unimaginable crisis. We must start now. Plan it Green! I am proud to help clean up the North Lincolnshire area where I live and have worked.

Peter Dennington Brumby - Peter Dennington

I started following politics when I was 16 but didn’t align myself to any party until a few years ago. I realised the two main parties don’t do all they can to make society better or to solve the country’s problems. I am standing so I can help provide a Green voice for the people of Scunthorpe. Scunthorpe needs to do its part to help combat the climate emergency by reducing our carbon emissions, while doing so we can also improve air quality. We also need to do everything we can to eliminate homelessness and make sure no one in society is left behind.

Becky Fawcett Ferry - Becky Fawcett

My name is Becky and I’m running for the Ferry Ward. I believe this area has environmental issues that are being overlooked by the council, such as the abandoned landfill at East Halton, flytipping on the Humber Bank, roadside verges full of litter and concerns about large-scale housing developments being given the green light despite resident’s objections. People in my ward feel ignored and want to see councillors out and about actually doing things. I am an active member of a local litter campaign, an anti-fracking campaign and a group opposing unsustainable housing developments so I am trying to make greener changes happen.

Chris Spencer Axholme Central - Chris Spencer

As with many other people I am increasingly concerned about the environment, in terms of the damage being done to our planet as well as the legacy we are leaving for generations to come. I believe we need strong voices on North Lincolnshire Council to stand up for the environment and also local democracy, ensuring local people have a real say in how their area and council is run. I would oppose fracking, cuts to council services and campaign for better local transport and improved access to services. North Lincolnshire is a good place to live, let’s make it even better!.

Jacqui Stirling Ridge -Jacqui Stirling

I joined the Green Party as they are the only party that has the planet that we call home as the main priority. I am standing as the Environment is at crisis point.  I have lived in Hibaldstow for seven years and try to live a low impact lifestyle and offer information and help from my plastic free, Vegan shop in Brigg.

Sue Wilsea Axholme North - Sue Wilsea

The current political situation only serves to reinforce my belief that voting Green is the only sensible option: The Green Party offers consistent and coherent policies and – most importantly – has integrity. I’m a relative newcomer to the South Bank but have family in North Lincolnshire and know it well. Although my own four children are (allegedly) grown up I am very interested in issues around childcare and education. I’m a writer, teach Creative Writing in Barton and Brigg and am on Barton Arts committee. I live with my husband and far too many books!

Katie Graham Broughton and Appleby - Katie Graham

We need to shake up our political system. By voting for The Green Party, you can do just that. I love North Lincolnshire. But to remain a beautiful place to live, we need protect our green spaces. Greens are winning across the country by declaring a climate emergency, in response to the thousands of young people striking to protect our planet. Growing up in Broughton, I know first-hand how limited public transport can affect employment opportunities. I will campaign for investment in transport for our ward. A single Green Councillor would be the changing force against the status quo. Vote Green 2019.

Michelle Stirling Axholme South - Michelle Stirling

I am a parent and business owner with a passion for animal rights and the environment; I believe we all have the right to have our voices heard and make a difference in the community we share. The most pressing issue we face at the moment is that of Climate Change. The Green Party are the only Party with an active plan to address this and that is why I proudly support them.

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