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Local Council Elections 2 May 2019

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Our world and the well-being of all its inhabitants, human and otherwise, faces an immediate existential threat from climate change, pollution and over consumption of its precious natural resources. 

Our country faces many issues. Injustice and inequality is causing divisions in our society. Poverty is growing. Housing, education and the NHS are facing a crisis. The uncertainty around Brexit is causing further economic damage and splitting communities fuelling intolerance and racism. 

The North Lincolnshire Green Party say that it is time for change beginning in our own area. We need a fresh approach to local politics as the main parties have failed to protect our environment, well-being and support local communities effectively. 

We are putting up as many candidates as we can in the local council elections on 2 May 2019 so that voters have a real choice and can say no to the tired ‘business as usual’ politics that continue to fail us and fail to address the most important issues we all face.


What we would do…

Introduce a Climate Emergency Action Plan 

Over 20 councils up and down the UK have declared a climate emergency and have resolved to implement plans to tackle carbon emissions. In January we called upon North Lincolnshire Council to declare a climate emergency and become carbon neutral by 2030. We are still waiting for a reply….! 

We would introduce an action plan immediately to become carbon neutral by 2030 or sooner. 

The main actions from the plan would be to: 

  • Provide major investment in insulating existing houses making them more fuel efficient

  • Ban fracking in North Lincolnshire, protecting our area from pollution and keeping carbon in the ground

  • Plant more trees to reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and our landscape

  • Make council services, such as libraries, available locally where people can reach them easily without cars, not where it’s convenient for the council to put them.

  • Protect and improve our green spaces and access to them.

  • Enforce no engine idling legislation, especially outside schools to protect our children’s health and the environment.

  • Change the council vehicle fleet to electric over the next 4 years


Focus on better transport 

We live in a largely rural area. It is hard to access shops and services and visit friends without a car. Many of us rely on public transport and would like to use it more if it was cheap and reliable. By leaving cars at home we could further reduce carbon emissions and pollution. 

We would protect and improve transport links by: 

  • Improving and creating better integrated public transport services

  • Investing in electric buses to replace polluting diesel ones

  • Encouraging cycling and walking with safe surfaces and routes, especially on the school run

  • Better and up to date real-time digital information on bus services on public transport vehicles and bus stops

  • Promoting car sharing to reduce single occupant journeys


Tackle plastics & waste – ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ 

Plastic and other waste is damaging our health, killing wildlife and polluting our environment. Locally we can make a difference. 

We would: 

  • Reduce the use of plastic in council operations, by requiring all council contracts to be single-use plastic free

  • Reduce the use of single-use plastic in schools

  • Reduce use of single use water bottles - install drinking fountains across the area.

  • Allow reuse of items left in council tips – raising income and reducing landfill charges for the council too.

  • Improve recycling facilities for all types of plastic and other materials

  • Improve brown bin collections to allow kitchen waste to be included

  • Clamp down on illegal and irresponsible waste disposal, from littering to fly-tipping, making the polluter pay.


Regenerate North Lincolnshire 

In North Lincolnshire some people experience real poverty and hardship in both urban and rural areas. It is important that everyone in our community has equality of opportunity and the chance to live a fulfilling life as well as making a North Lincolnshire a good place to live. 

We would: 

  • Support our communities by encouraging positive and sustainable rural development with a dedicated Rural Action Plan

  • Stop granting planning permission for out-of-town shops and support local businesses to help keep our town and village centres flourishing

  • Tackle the decline of our high streets by encouraging imaginative public use of shopping areas

  • Reintroduce funding for advice services to help tackle all forms of poverty and inequality in our communities

  • Make sure government funding for areas of hardship is used fully and effectively


Local democracy 

Your council exists to serve you and protect the interests of us all. We believe that it is important that everyone has the chance to have their say in the way their local area is governed. 

We would: 

  • Bring back council committees to North Lincolnshire Council so that everyone is represented in decision making and they are not made by one person as with the present ‘cabinet’ system

  • Reduce the number of signatures needed for the council to hear a petition from the public

  • Enable Neighbourhood Plans, allowing local people to have a real say in local planning 


We want to hear what you think about our plans. Do get in contact if you would like to discuss them further, have questions or have issues in your area that you think we could help with. 

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