North Lincolnshire Green Party Elections

General Election 12 December 2019

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Our Candidates

We are standing candidates in the following constituencies:

Jo BakerBrigg and Goole - Jo Baker

(jointly with Hull and East Riding Green Party)

I joined the Green Party because I felt they were the party that best reflected my
values, particularly my growing concern about climate change, air pollution and the
need for cleaner energy solutions.

I’ve always been passionate about wildlife and protecting the countryside, for the
good of the planet as well as our health and well being. I also believe in protecting
the livelihood of people living in small, local communities and providing better
services including public transport.

Other issues that I believe are important include renationalising the railways,
protecting the NHS and electoral reform.

Download the Brigg and Goole election leaflet (PDF)



Jodi ShanahanCleethorpes - Jodi Shanahan 

(jointly with North-East Lincolnshire Green Party)

Jodi is an entrepreneur, helping local businesses improve their on line presence
and increase their sales. She also supports the local economy by organising
networking meetings, putting businesses in touch with each other to use each
other’s services and products. This helps keep more money circulating in the local
economy making it more secure and stronger.

Jodi wants to see more rapid and effective action by Government to tackle climate
change and plastic pollution. She is passionate in encouraging local activity where
people can do their bit to reduce plastic waste and their carbon footprint, while
putting pressure on national and local government, and big business to do more.

Download the Cleethorpes election leaflet (PDF)



Peter DenningtonScunthorpe - Peter Dennington


My name is Peter Dennington, I’m 25 and work in IT at North Lindsey College.
I started following politics when I was 16 but didn’t align myself to any party until a
few years ago. I realised the two main parties don’t do all they can to make society
better or to solve the country’s problems.

The reason I got involved in politics is to try and influence positive change, social
and environmental, two of the top priorities of the of the Green Party.
I believe we need to change how our political system works and make it more
transparent and accessible. We need to have everyone’s voices heard and get
people involved to enable positive change. 

Download the Scunthorpe election leaflet (PDF) 

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