Fair Economy - The Green Party's Alternative To Austerity

Fair Economy

The Green Party opposes the Government’s austerity cuts. The cuts hit the most vulnerable people hardest, including children, pensioners, the unemployed, the low paid, the sick, disabled people and carers. In every region thousands of jobs are being lost, as well as vital public services, including day care centres, youth services, libraries and public transport.

Britain is one of the wealthiest nations in the world but this wealth isn’t being shared fairly.

We currently have an economic system that prioritises growth in company profits over the wellbeing of society. This has seen money concentrated in the hands of a wealthy few; leaving the rest of us to suffer at the hands of the Coalition’s austerity agenda.

We believe there is a positive alternative to this mix of one-sided growth and austerity: an economy that works for everyone.


Alternative To Austerity 

Alternative To Austerity                                           

To invest in the future we will: 


• Bring in a Green New Deal to create jobs in a mass insulation programme, social housing, renewable energy, public transport and waste management.

• Protect the NHS and public services from  privatisation and damaging cuts.

• End pensioner poverty by introducing a weekly Citizen’s Pension of £170 for a single person, and £300 for a couple.

• Increase the minimum wage to a living wage.

• Fund investment through fairer taxation, targeting tax dodgers and those who can afford to pay more.


Fair Economy